AuraDP™ Advanced Optical Technology
It’s what’s inside that counts…

Dustphotonics’s unique optical alignment design allows the maximum coupling of light energy between the optics to the fiber thereby reducing DC power by up to 30%, as well as reducing optical device temperature.

That’s why our products offer up to 4 times more reliability. This not only saves on the direct tangible cost of replacing the failed units but also the intangible cost of service down time.


Our AuraDP™ technology solves the traditional problems of optical transceivers by optimizing optical coupling with passive fiber alignment in high volume manufacturing.

Fully aligned with customer requirements

Our technology offers scalability for future architecture, and design flexibility for higher product yield, enabling us to meet our customers’ growing needs

Lower Power Dissipation

Lower DC power consumption enables 30% more improvement in power

Low-cost and High-Volume Manufacturing

The AuraDP™ enables higher reliability, lower direct cost as well as total cost of ownership and superior performance through unique optical packaging design.

Watch our smart and simple optical alignment assembly:
Efficient Improvement
Consistent passive alignment
Benefits all multimode products
Lower Power
Industry leading 100G power at 1.7W
Uniform optimal VCSEL bias